It’s not about us.  It can’t be.   We are not the ones that will be in place 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now.

We have experience in running organizations as small as 2 vehicles and seasonal workers to over 4,000 vehicles in a highly unionized, and very visible Agency.

We have felt and helped cultivate that positive, palpable, tenor to locations that had no right, historically, in operating with the positive moral they had or in realizing the gains    We have identified the essence behind our success, we have honed it and we have repeated it.   Now, it is time for us to share.

We are not consultants.  In our time in the public arena we have seen consultants come in, tell us what we already knew, or forced a few changes that were destined to fail.  We have no interest in that.  Go ahead.  Ask us to prove it.